SIMPCO will provide services in several different geographic markets and industry sectors. We will implement the following best practices and innovations. These services can be deployed individually or in total, depending of the needs of a specific market. 

  • Use of navigators for enrollment into Managed Care Organizations (MCOs)
  • Use of Administrative Personal Healthcare Consultants (APHCs) for home health maintenance between medical office visits
  • Use of Clinical Personal Healthcare Consultants (CPHCs) for telehealth (health information and advice)
  • Use of telemedicine to provide episodic medical triage and care
  • Use of call centers to interact with MCOs and facilitate telehealth and telemedicine offerings
  • Construction of SIMPCO Health and Human Service Centers to drive community education, engagement, empowerment
  • Proactive and ongoing use of community-driven data analysis to drive interest and participation in one’s health