SIMPCO is a physician-led, public health-driven, BEP-certified Minority Business Enterprise offering that delivers many desired solutions to complement the work of Managed Care Organizations, corporations, governmental agencies and other health care stakeholders. The most cogent of these solutions includes improving access to established methods of traditional care, providing means for enhanced preventive care and offering remedies for inappropriately high levels of healthcare resource utilization. The roster of SIMPCO services supplement and relieve the burden on both primary and emergency care systems.

Our Mission

SIMPCO represents a best-practices health care business solution. We improve clinical and economic health care outcomes by implementing preventive health strategies.

SIMPCO also represents a means for states and traditional managed care organizations to better access populations that suffer health care disparities. 

Our Value Proposition

Our goal is simply to be transformative:

  • SIMPCO supports and complements the activities of managed care organizations, not compete with them.
  • SIMPCO creates a culture that repositions those suffering from health care disparities into active participants then stewards of their health.
  • As an outcomes-based, best-practices organization, SIMPCO can save states and MCO partners billions through reduction of inappropriate emergency department utilization.